Are you a passionate music enthusiast with a penchant for songwriting? Are you eager to craft music that encapsulates your unique artistic expression and musical flair? Today, allow me to introduce you to a groundbreaking creative tool – Joanne Cooper’s LyricLab, an AI-powered solution that holds the key to unlocking your full songwriting potential.

LyricLab leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to tailor chords and lyrics precisely to your musical preferences and style. Whether you’re embarking on your songwriting journey or you’re a seasoned songwriter seeking to streamline your creative process, LyricLab is your invaluable companion.

Our tool boasts a remarkably user-friendly interface, designed for effortless lyric generation. Simply input a few keywords or phrases, and let LyricLab take care of the rest. And if you find the results not quite hitting the mark, you can effortlessly refine and tweak until you achieve the ideal chords and lyrics for your composition.

Discover LyricLab today with our free version, LyricLabLite:

Wondering how the full browser-based version of LyricLab differs from LyricLabLite?

Additional Features of the Browser-Based LyricLab:

  1. Image-Inspired Songwriting: Craft a song inspired by a picture of your choice. Snap a photo of your beloved pet or any subject dear to you, provide some context, and voila! Witness the birth of a personalized song.
  2. Lyric Storage and Editing: Seamlessly save and edit your lyrics for future refinement and creative growth.
  3. Advanced Chord Options: Generate songs with more intricate and complex chord progressions, allowing you to explore deeper musical landscapes.
  4. Lyric Refinement: Perfect your existing set of lyrics, whether they originated from the app or elsewhere, refining them to match your evolving creative vision.
  5. Expanded Mood Palette: Delve deeper into sonic expression by selecting from a broader range of “moods” available in the full browser-based version. Fine-tune your song’s emotional resonance with precision.
  6. Time Signature Customization: Specify the desired time signature for your generated lyrics, enabling greater musical flexibility and creativity.
  7. Genre Selection: Tailor your songwriting experience by choosing the genre that resonates with your artistic intentions.
  8. Comprehensive Key Signatures: Explore a more extensive selection of key signatures, further enhancing the musical diversity of your compositions.

Joanne Cooper’s LyricLab offers an unmatched songwriting experience, where technology seamlessly collaborates with your creative vision. Dive into the world of limitless musical possibilities and let your imagination soar.

Unlock the power of LyricLab today and embark on a journey of musical self-discovery. Download LyricLabLite for a taste of the magic, or explore the full potential with our browser-based version. Your musical masterpiece awaits.

Check out this video to learn more about LyricLab and LyricLabLite and the difference between them

People all over the world are loving LyricLab

“As an active songwriter, I have found LyricLab most valuable in providing ideas, for some of the songs I have or am currently writing. Where I have found it most useful, is when I get the inevitable writer’s block, and ideas have stopped flowing. Some people can wait for this to clear, but being an impatient sort of person, I cannot, therefore LyricLab has been a savior, more than once. I highly recommend LyricLab and look forward to its future iterations” John E.

“I’m thankful to Joanne for all her efforts in creating and enhancing this wonderful tool. It is a songwriter’s dream. It’s a beautiful catalyst for ideas. It varies how much I am able to use the AI lyrics. But, the fact that I completed the song is the main objective. No more writer’s block for me! Thank you, Joanne!!!” Robert

“I have been a user of LyricLab I think since the beginning, and have always found it useful as a start in writing lyrics, and have seen some great improvements in the last few months. Can’t remember what I paid for membership, but whatever it was it was a bargain!!” Ken S.

“Bought it, tried it. Nope, not a pro, just someone who enjoys music, guitars, and Native American flutes. 1st try. After inputs, did some adjusting, adding, subtracting, and walla, I got something that really pleased me, and “I” did it. Thanks for what I think will be a great tool for me and others. Keep up the good work.”C.S.

“When trying to write songs, etc I struggle with inspiration. That said, once given a start I am a competent improver. LyricLab gives that start, and I particularly like the chord suggestions, this really gets me going. Well worth the modest investment” Ken J.

“LyricLab and it has given me a number of great lyric ideas. It’s amazing how much variety you can get when using the same theme for different artists, such as The Beatles vs Bob Dylan. So far I have been able to create some great lyrics for a song, which I wrote for my wife called ‘Growing Old With You’. I only needed to tweak the lyrics a bit to come up with a song that she really liked. I have also been able to generate a number of lyric ideas for some songs for my grandchildren. I also like the ‘parody’ song feature – it comes up with some interesting fun lyrics, although I haven’t got down to making these into songs yet” Ron F

“I have been skeptical of using AI in my writing but after trying LyricLab, I have changed my mind. Previously I would have an idea, set down to start working on it, and generally toss it in the waste bin for one reason or another. The dreaded blank page was a real thing. With LyricLab, I can sketch out the idea and Lyriclab comes back in a few seconds with verses and choruses. If I don’t like the results I can simply back up and repeat the process. I take what it gives me, sometimes from several different generations of the same idea, and use my skills to put it all together and fix the things I don’t like. It’s become a valuable tool for the lyric writing part of the songwriting process”. H Hartley, Songwriter

“I am more than pleased with LyricLab. It is continually updated and improved. I can now select the Key I want the lyrics written in, both major and minor keys are covered. If the first set of lyrics are not to my taste I can edit or generate a new or improved version. I have tried a number of free online lyric generators but none are as adaptable or as good or updated as LyricLab. If I have any problems or questions I can email Joanne directly and receive a response very quickly” Glen A.

LyricLab: How Serious Songwriters Say “Good Bye” to Writer’s Block

There’s nothing worse for a songwriter than to be struck with “Writer’s Block” … when your mind goes blank and NOTHING is coming out of your pen, pencil, or keyboard.

That’s why some of the smartest folks in the business are turning to a new app that can help them say “Good Bye” to this dreaded problem for good.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine; Joanne Cooper. Joanne is a musical genius, and she created an app called LyricLab, which is specially designed to help songwriters like you and me.

It works on any gadget you have, whether it’s Android, IOS, a MAC or PC. It not only helps you polish your wordsmithing skills, it can even help with your chord progressions.

Take it from me, it’s the simplest and most powerful songwriting AI app I’ve laid my hands on. All you have to do is give it a try, and you’ll see for yourself. You won’t find a better or easier songwriting collaborator than Joanne’s LyricLab. – Matt R.

“I have just started using LyricLab and so far have written four songs with chords that are now in Band in a Box for music and refinement of lyrics. Two of the songs had been started by me and so I entered the lyrics I had written and let LyricLab come up with the rest. I must say that the results were very interesting. I took the chord progression into Band-in-a-Box and started changing some of the wording to fit better. This also gets my mind into “lyric mode”. I can see myself making a lot of use of LyricLab to get creative. ” Roy W.

A Little About Joanne Cooper. Ever since I can remember I have loved to sing. One of my earliest memories of my childhood is sitting on the floor of my bedroom in Harare, Zimbabwe, with one of those suitcase-type gramophones and listening to “Two Little Boys Had Two Little Toys” on repeat. Then when I was about 14, I persuaded my mum to buy me a guitar and it has given me years and years of pleasure and comfort. I often thank my mum for buying me that first guitar. In 2014 I started making play-along videos (karaoke style) for guitarists. The success of the YouTube channel led to the formation of Joanne Cooper Music Pty Limited in 2019. I firmly believe that making music is a universal art form that should be accessible to everyone. My mission is to empower individuals, regardless of their level of expertise, to pursue their musical aspirations.